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Somaticode unlocks the secrets of your DNA, revealing the key to lasting health and well-being.
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Understanding Your Health

Why your genes matter: Unravel the root of your health challenges
Your genes play a crucial role in your health and well-being.
Chronic conditions often have genetic roots.
The Methyl Scale™ measures your body's detoxification and methylation efficiency, impacting your health.

Unlocking Your Personalized Path

No two bodies are alike: Get a personalized plan to thrive
DNA Test: Discover your unique genetic profile.
Methyl Score: Understand your body's detoxification and methylation needs.
Personalized Plan: Get a customized roadmap to optimize your health.
Understand the causes of your health challenges.
Get a personalized plan with actionable steps.
Support and guidance for your journey.
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How it's helped others

I got relief from how emotionally overwhelmed I felt within about 20 minutes of taking [the right supplement]. After struggling for years, I felt both happy and disappointed that the solution was so straightforward.

Somaticode Gene Kit + Report

I found my right weight, the energy I wanted for playing with my kids, and don't have as frequent bouts of depression that usually keeps me in bed for days. Thanks again for the help!

Report (uploaded DNA)

Over the past couple weeks I found out that just not feeling bad could be a new normal.

Genetic Health report (uploaded DNA)
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Frequently asked questions

Find the Answers You Need
Will Somaticode really help me feel better and less overwhelmed? 
An analysis of your DNA will help determine if your body’s health issues are related to 1-carbon metabolism, or methylation, including inflammation, detox, or methylation pathways. One major contributor to feeling overwhelmed (outside of life circumstances), relates to methyl supply. Methyl is what your body uses for repair, reading and activating/deactivating genetic instructions, immune system function, detox, and much more. Too much or too little comes with health issues and mood disruptions, such as feeling overwhelmed. So managing this supply is key to feeling better.
Will Somaticode cure my depression and anxiety?
Both depression and anxiety are complex issues. However, there is evidence supporting the fact that balancing 1-carbon metabolism (methylation) directly affects both. Managing your 1-carbon metabolism, or methylation, means giving your body what it needs to produce serotonin and dopamine (related to depression) and GABA and glutamate (related to anxiety), reduce inflammation (related to depression and anxiety), and manage methyl supply. While there may not be a cure for either, there are ways to help your body do its best to feel good.
Does the genetic analysis include MTHFR variants?
Yes, it’s included in your report. A lot has been said (promised) about the MTHFR gene, but please keep in mind that it accounts for less than 10% of total methylation function. We take a whole-system approach in our recommendations, which means that while you may have mutations on your MTHFR gene, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an undermethylator or overmethylator. There are other major contributing factors involved in determining your genetic methylation level (methyl supply).
Is Somaticode a one-time fix, or does it require ongoing effort?
Just like eating right can make you feel good today but have an effect on your long-term health, the personalized recommendations in each report help you to feel better in the short-term while improving 1-carbon metabolism in the long-term.
How does Somaticode differ from other health and wellness approaches?
Instead of treating or covering up the symptoms, we focus on the genetic root cause of metabolic health. We look at DNA and hone in on very specific, foundational processes in the body (metabolism, inflammation, detox) in order to optimize your biochemistry.
What does the DNA analysis cover in terms of Genes/Disorders? 
We focus on a foundational system called 1-carbon metabolism, or methylation. This key system is responsible for reading and repairing genetic code, regulating gene expression, converting and managing resources (metabolizing amino acids and producing neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine), supporting immune system function, detoxification from toxins, and much more. While we don’t explicitly target disorders, 1-carbon metabolism is a major contributor to foundational health that can affect many downstream health issues.
How should I feel, after the treatment? 
Many individuals have described the feeling anywhere from “just not feeling bad anymore” to “temporary euphoria”. Relief is different for each individual, and is based largely on how well you can address the genetically predisposed issues.
How quickly should I feel relief?
It depends. If the personalized results say to focus on methyl supply, then relief can come within the first day. If the methyl supply is further away from 0 (“methyl-balanced”), either negative or positive, the feeling of relief is greater than if it’s close to 0. If the results say to focus on methylation, inflammation, or detox, then relief can come as quickly as one week. That being said, the body takes time to heal. The healing period, and subsequent relief, usually takes between 6-12 months to fully feel the benefits.

What does Somaticode cost?
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How long will it take for my DNA results to come back? 
After the saliva sample is sent back to us, it typically takes two weeks to complete the DNA analysis. As soon as it’s done, we’ll send you an email letting you know to log into your account to see the results.
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