How to

Collect a DNA sample

Collecting your DNA sample is straightforward. Make sure to keep everything that came with your kit!

Do not eat, drink, or smoke 30 minutes prior to collecting the sample.
Do not touch swab tips or allow contact with any other object.
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Place the vial standing up on a flat surface.
Peel open bags containing swabs and remove the swab.
Unscrew vial cap.
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Rub swab inside cheek

Rub swab tip firmly against the inside of your cheek 15-20 times, using light pressure similar to brushing teeth.
Rotate swab tip as you are rubbing.
Cover entire cheek from top to bottom and side to side.
If you're having trouble producing saliva, try closing your mouth over the swab and tilt your head downward while lightly chewing.
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Twist swab into vial

Pick up the vial and hold steady in one hand.
Slowly twist swab into iSWAB vial with a corkscrew motion. There will be resistance, but push swab all the way to the bottom of the tube.
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Move rapidly within the vial liquid

Hold the vial steady and move the swab up and down rapidly inside the tube 10-15 times without moving the swab out of the liquid.
Remove and discard the swab in the trash. Hold the vial firmly and remove the swab by slowly twisting it out with a corkscrew motion.
Replace cap tightly.

Prep for shipping

Place the sealed vial into the biohazard bag and close.  
Place the “Exempt Human Specimen” sticker on any free space of the box. Do not cover up prepaid postage label or barcode intake label on box.
Place the biohazard bag (with vial sealed inside) back into the box.
Place the return label over the orignal shipping label on the box. Remove the liner to expose the adhesive tape and seal box with DNA sample inside. Either adhesive can be used.
PROVIDERS ONLY. If you haven’t already, go to the portal, create a new patient, then register the kit code on the patient “Genetic results” page. The code starts with “SOM” and is below the barcode.

What's next?

Once we receive the kit back at our lab, it usually takes around 2 weeks for the analysis to be completed. You'll receive an email once it's done.