Mood Sense

It takes minutes to peer into the factor that impacts your emotional, mental, and physical health!

  • Get your methyl supply (methylation level) result in 10 minutes
  • Know which supplement(s) to take based on the test result for all-day relief

Currently only available to health and wellness providers. Pricing depends on inventory option selected. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Mood Sense + Health

Mood Sense is a revolutionary test that lets you measure and address the root cause of many shifting emotional, mental, and physical health issues within 30 minutes from start to finish. Mood Sense measures “methyl supply” (methylation level), an essential metabolic factor in the body that has a specific, fundamental impact on

Emotional health

Mood disruptions
Emotional control
Emotional energy

Mental health


Physical health

Energy in brain and body
Systemic inflammation
Illness protection/recovery
DNA repair

Relief within 15 minutes of treatment

The test result appears at the 10-minute mark. Once you have that, you can provide the patient with the recommended, inexpensive supplement that takes effect in 15 minutes. The effect lasts anywhere from 10-16 hours, depending on their result and the associated supplement.

My mood/anxiety is much mellower than it has been for years.

After balancing methyl supply

Wellness providers: Getting started

Providing your patients and clients with daily mood balancing is easy.

Try out the test

As a certified and verified provider, you can try out Mood Sense before committing.

Pick an inventory plan

We offer a no-risk pay-as-you-sell option and a wholesale option (at a lower price). We track inventory and can automatically send you more when you run low.


By using Mood Sense to reveal your patients’ current methyl supply, you can provide near-instant relief for the treatment session and beyond.

Frequently asked questions

More of what you may be looking for.
Does this measure my MTHFR gene?
While the MTHFR does play into your Mood Sense result, your methylation level/status is influenced by 13 other genetic factors, 2 biological factors, and your current diet, activity, illness, supplements, and more.
How long does it take to get results?
After dropping the saliva into the test device, the results resolve in 10 minutes.
What's the difference between Mood Sense and a DNA report?
Your DNA reveals your genetic predisposition to methyl supply (methylation level/status) through each stage of biological maturity. Mood Sense shows what your status is right now, which affects mood and health throughout the day.

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