Feel better today with health improvements synced to the atomic level of your genetic code

Disruptions in your health and mood can quickly become all you think about. Now there's a way to target the genetic root cause of those interruptions.
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Understanding your health

Wellness at the core

Give your body exactly what it needs. Order a Somaticode DNA kit, or upload an existing DNA file (Ancestry, My Heritage), to reveal your genetic predispositions, understand how to activate your genes for optimal health, and how to support positive health changes with supplements, diet, and activity.


Your methyl supply level reveals your genetic predisposition for having too much or too little methyl in reserve. Either situation comes with its own challenges, and your results will help you understand how to easily regulate your supply so you can take control of your health and mood.


Your personalized 4-week Activation plan can help your body use your methyl supply for the right processes. This will help you to heal your body, build up your resilience to issues and illness, address inflammation and detox (which can lead to low energy and increased brain and body pain), and keep things in balance.


Easily order supplements synced to your unique genetic code and know which foods and drink will disrupt your wellness journey.

How it's helped others

I got relief from how emotionally overwhelmed I felt within about 20 minutes of taking [the right supplement]. After struggling for years, I felt both happy and disappointed that the solution was so straightforward.

Somaticode Gene Kit + Report

I found my right weight, the energy I wanted for playing with my kids, and don't have as frequent bouts of depression that usually keeps me in bed for days. Thanks again for the help!

Report (uploaded DNA)

Over the past couple weeks I found out that just not feeling bad could be a new normal.

Genetic Health report (uploaded DNA)
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The Science

How and why it works

Balancing methyl supply

Methylation, or 1-carbon metabolism, is a key process where your genes are turned on or off based on the number of methyl groups your body has available. Too few methyl groups can lead to certain genes remaining inactive, hindering your body's ability to efficiently utilize resources for brain and body functions. Too many methyl groups can overwhelm your system. Achieving "methyl balance" (a level of 0) is crucial for optimal health.

Every report shows your genetic predisposition to a certain Methyl Supply level and, more importantly, how to balance that supply.

No individual is a single gene

Unlike traditional genetic health reports that often narrow down health concerns to just one or two genes, Somaticode takes a more comprehensive approach. We analyze entire systems of health, acknowledging that each system is supported by backup and rerouting mechanisms. This holistic perspective empowers you to more effectively influence your health by focusing on optimizing entire systems, rather than fixating on individual genes.

The first four weeks of your report focus on those systems, if needed. (It's personalized to you.)

Personalization based on your code

Even though your genetic code is unique to you, you're still human. There are known ways to help you with your health.

Based on decades of research into the foundations of daily and long-term health, we look at how your fundamental health systems are programmed to work within your genetic code. From there, we recommend a path forward starting with supplements, then moving onto diet and lifestyle changes when your brain and body have had a chance to heal. (It's too overwhelming to make dietary change when basic feelings of health and mental clarity aren't taken care of, so we help you to get your brain right first.)

Long-term health

Many people become discouraged with other genetic reports due to the overwhelming amount of information that may or may not be relevant to their own health. There's no need to focus on every potential issue.

Our reports focus on what you can do today, but that doesn't mean it only helps the day-to-day issues you may be experiencing. By addressing the areas of focus listed in your report, you can feel the difference today and will influence your long-term health for the better. Many ongoing, chronic, and late-stage health concerns are connected to methylation imbalance. But don't worry about that right now. Just focus on what you can do today.

Why a 4-week plan

Over the years we've had some customers that made all the recommended changes at the same time, some that have taken several years to implement everything, and everywhere in between. Through their experiences, we've found that there is an optimal schedule that allows the body to identify that the change is working, allows the individual to feel and appreciate the improvement

The initial 4 weeks is to allow individuals to ramp up the healing. Each person should expect, however, to continue their new plan for 6-12 months at a minimum to fully experience the healing that comes with balanced methyl supply, functioning methylation pathways, detox at a cellular level, and proper systemic inflammation management.

Health coaching

We partner with health and wellness practitioners in order for you to get the most out of your report. Having someone guide you through implementation means having someone in your corner to encourage you, answer your questions, and keep you on the path when you feel discouraged.

The success rate of sticking with your plan increases drastically when you have a professional helping you to be accountable for your health choices.