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If you're looking for health and mood relief for yourself or someone close to you, check out what our Mood Improvement Report has to offer, including insight into your genetic methylation level.


Precision mental health for mood management, leading to improved treatment outcomes and adherence.

By incorporating Somaticode's Methyl Scale™ score and Nutrient Profile recommendations into your treatment approach, you can help your patients and clients resolve mood issues that disrupt health progress.

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The Methyl Scale™ Score

Methyl Scale™ score example

Somaticode's Methyl Scale™ is a revolutionary measurement of an individual's genetic baseline for mood. By addressing general methylation alongside your treatment approach, you can help your patients to more consistently make good health decisions and follow prescribed solutions. Learn more about the Methyl Scale™.

Here are just a few ways in which the Methyl Scale™ score can help:

Wellness & Healing

In an effort to help your patients make improvements, reducing emotional noise is key to enabling positive therapeutic outcomes. Reducing emotional noise doesn’t fix the problems that mental health counseling seeks to remedy, but rather makes it less difficult for the patient to change emotional habits, adopt and follow through with prescribed regimens, and feel better. For psychiatry, we also offer pharmacogenetic information. Knowing which medications are most likely to work for your patient will increase confidence in your treatment approach as well as reduce churn due to trial and success fatigue.

Mood disorders and dysregulation affect treatment outcomes through inconsistencies in patient activity and treatment adherence. By balancing their general methylation using Somaticode's platform, you can help reduce the affective interference caused by methyl imbalances, enabling your patients to make and follow through with important health decisions more consistently.

Psychiatry & Counseling

In psychiatry and counseling, Somaticode's Methyl Scale score can provide pivotal information about a patient's genetic baseline for daily methylation. This data is instrumental in understanding the patient's inherent emotional and cognitive dynamics. While reducing emotional noise remains paramount, understanding methylation levels can offer an extra layer of personalization to therapy, making it less challenging for patients to adopt and adhere to therapeutic regimens. Coupled with pharmacogenetic data, this information can bolster confidence in your treatment approach, minimizing trial and error.

Alleviate affective disorders and mood dysregulation by addressing the baseline of mood in tandem with your treatment.


Within the naturopathic domain, Somaticode's Methyl Scale score is a potent tool for exploring the individual's inherent genetic rhythm of methylation. Since naturopathy aims to foster health by reinforcing the body's innate ability to heal, understanding methylation levels is crucial. It can provide insights into the patient's inherent biochemical balance, offering valuable information for creating personalized, natural remedies and lifestyle modifications. In this way, the Methyl Scale score allows naturopaths to foster harmony within the body, aligning with the core tenets of naturopathy.

Health Coaching

In the field of health coaching, Somaticode's Methyl Scale score can play a significant role in personalized guidance. By understanding an individual's genetic baseline for daily methylation, coaches can help their clients navigate toward a healthier lifestyle more effectively. This understanding allows the coach to suggest strategies that work in concert with the client's genetic tendencies, promoting lasting lifestyle changes and optimal health outcomes. The Methyl Scale score, thus, becomes a valuable ally in the health coach's toolkit, facilitating a more nuanced and personalized approach to wellness.

Throughout various life stages, general methylation impacts cognitive abilities, rational thinking, accurate interpretation of stressors, memory, sleep, and social connections. Addressing methylation in tandem with your treatment approach will increase staying power of prescribed solutions.

The Methyl Scale™ score (cont'd)

A whole-system picture

Nutrient profiles specific to DNA

Each patient report comes with a nutrient profile that is essential and supportive of an individual's unique methylation needs. From the base vitamins and minerals, to specific diet guidance, each piece helps individuals to keep their methylation supported, balanced, and consistent from day-to-day. And it's structured in such a way that makes it easy for you to discuss treatment.

Also included in the report is what threatens your patient's mood (and general) health while highlighting its impact on on their methylation balance—a major driving force for mood. Addressing these issues and building ongoing habits with patients is key to rounding out the disruptive ups and downs of mood.