Since 2016

Somaticode enables improved mental health outcomes.

By reducing the biological noise that distracts, disrupts, and unbalances our minds, we can focus on building better habits, making better lifestyle and diet choices, or accomplishing whatever has been put off for far too long. That's the purpose of Somaticode: to enable people to think and feel clearer so that they can consistently make more level-headed decisions.

Somaticode approaches mood imbalances from three directions: genetic disposition, real-time methylation measurement, and diet/supplement regimen.

Founded by Dr. James Bradshaw in 2016, a Developmental and Cell Biology expert, Somaticode is a precision health technology company that provides methylation balancing and genetic dieting guidance to help individuals optimize their overall health and well-being. Drawing from his extensive experience in genetics, anatomy, physiology, and embryology, Dr. Bradshaw has developed a unique, whole-system approach to health, focusing on the body's functions and methylation rather than just a few genes. This led to the development of the Methyl Scale™, which gives individuals a better sense of their body's methylation level from one day to the next. The idea for Somaticode stems from Dr. Bradshaw's personal journey and his success in using this approach within his own family. Today, Somaticode continues to empower individuals to take control of their health and live according to what's best for their genes.


Balance Mood

Balancing mood on a daily basis is key as a first step to both healing and taking back control over the feelings that disrupt.


Feed Genes thru Genetic Diet

Feeding your genes the right stuff will help you to find your right weight and energy level.


Whole-being Improvements

Digging deeper into neurotransmitters, hormones, and metabolism will give you a complete view of your day-to-day health.

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