How to

Take the Mood Sense test

Saliva can be tricky. For that reason, we have these instructions that you should follow exactly in order to get a good, clear result.
Kit contents
Don't throw any of these away until after the test is complete:

‍- Test strip inside device
- Cotton swab
- Squeeze sleeve (the clear bag the test device comes in)
Dashboard mockup
Step 1

Brush and rinse

Put water on your toothbrush. (Water only!)
Brush your teeth (front and back, top and bottom) as well as your tongue.
Rinse vigorously with water twice.
Set a timer for 5 minutes.
If you used toothpaste instead of water on your toothbrush, set the timer for 30 minutes instead of 5.
Dashboard mockup
Step 2

Chew on swab

After the 5-minute timer is up, take a swab and clear "squeeze sleeve" bag out of the packaging.
Lightly chew on the swab for 1-2 minutes, rotating it slowly as you do so.
Occasionally use your tongue to direct the saliva into the swab.
The swab should be completely saturated with your saliva at the end of the 1-2 minutes.
If you're having trouble producing saliva, try closing your mouth over the swab and tilt your head downward while lightly chewing.
Dashboard mockup
Step 3

Squeeze 2 drops

Insert the swab into the clear "squeeze sleeve" bag, stick-side first.
Pull it through until the saliva-saturated cotton is inside the bag.
Holding the bag nearly vertical, align the corner of the bag to hover right above the circular sample well on the test device. Do not touch the bag to the device!
Squeeze the swab head until two (2) drops land in the sample well.
Start a timer for 10 minutes.
If your saliva hasn't reached the yellow pad at the end of the test strip by the end of the 10 minutes, add one (1) more drop of saliva and reset the timer.
Dashboard mockup
Step 4

Read the result

After the 10-minute timer is up (but before 30 minutes has elapsed):
Orient the test device as seen in this example, and read the result. The result is where the white stops and the color begins
Take a photo of the result in good lighting.
Go to and enter your result
The result is where the white stops and the color begins. If the result isn't straight up and down, you may need to look at the surface area of the colored portion (see examples below).

Each blue line is +2 from the black 0 mark. Each red line is -2 from the black 0 mark.

Example results

This is practically a +2. (We could get more precise and say +1.5, but whole numbers work.)
Practically a 0 (precisely -0.5)
TROUBLESHOOTING. -3. Because of too many drops of saliva the edges went faster than the middle. If we squish the non-white to the left, it fills up between the -2 and -4 lines.
TROUBLESHOOTING. -1. Too many drops (or too large of drops) caused it to go up the side faster.

What's next?

Work with your provider to determine the best supplement, nutrient, and activity regimen based on your results.