The Mood Improvement Report is for those trying to feel better and improve their wellbeing.

And they do it by balancing their methylation.

Mood Improvement

Learn about what's influencing your mood, how to support good mood control, and what to protect yourself against to maintain control.

  • Mood Baseline: your exact level on the Methyl Scale™ (over/undermethylation) at each stage of life
  • Supportive nutrients: what your unique body needs to keep your mood in check
  • MTHFR variant detection
When you use an existing DNA file from an accepted provider (Ancestry, 23andMe, My Heritage). Want to use a different one? Let us know.
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What's included in the report

Methylation Level

Your methylation level affects your mood and influences the severity of mental health; it’s also important for long-term health.

Are you an overmethylator or an undermethylator? Not only do you get a definitive answer to this question, but you also get your exact methylation on the Methyl Scale™ for each stage of life. No more guessing based solely on the MTHFR gene!

An example Methylation Scale™ baseline

Supportive Nutrients

What does your body need to support good control over your mood from day-to-day? Your report includes three sections to help you build your mood resilience ("Daily nutrients"), support the underlying systems that affect mood ("Supporting mood"), and protect yourself against things that will undermine and disrupt your mood ("Threats to mood").

General Health Improvements

What can you do to alleviate health issues is sitting in your DNA? Learn what those things are to help yourself find the right energy, weight, and focus that you want.

MTHFR Variant Detection

While the MTHFR gene impacts less than 10% of your methylation pathways, we include it here for your ongoing research.

Screenshot of the methylation variants
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