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Activate the right genes and systems by first balancing your methyl supply

Methyl Supply

We've pioneered a revolutionary way to peer into your genetic methylation: the Methyl Scale™. Based on this scale, your DNA will give you insight in how much your body is programmed to produce and supply. That will help you to know what's influencing your health and mood, and give you insight into the combined effect some of your body's fundamental genes and systems are having on your wellbeing and life.

Remember that methylation has a great effect on inflammation, detox, chronic health issues, your ability to think clearly, the overwhelm or anger you feel in stressful situations, and much more. The further away from 0 (balanced) you are in either direction, the more intense the disruptions to your health and mood.

Depleted / Overloaded

You numbers tell you how much methyl supply you're working with. Above 0 and you're overloaded (overmethylation). Below 0 and your supply begins to be depleted (undermethylation). This explains so much.

We also include info about specific genes (MTHFR), in case you're interested, even though they only account for a small percentage of total methylation function.

Symptoms and Cues

Have you wondered why you may feel, think, and act a certain way when stressed? We've included phrases that others like you have used to describe how disruptive their supply level feels. Getting familiar with these cues is a big part of learning to detect and manage your health.

Step 1: Regulate your supply

The easiest and most impactful thing you can do today is to regulate your methyl supply, which will help to reduce negative cues. Twice a day, you can take one of two supplements to methyl-balance to 0. You can also add specific foods, drink, and activities to your daily routine to help maintain that balance.
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The Plan

4-weeks of Improvement

Implementing changes can be overwhelming and frustrating. That's why we've included a 4-week recommended starter plan to help you begin making new habits in the most beneficial order.


Take the right supplements at the right time, and add on new supplements in the best order.
General health

Complete your genetic health with quality-of-life insights

Methylation (1-carbon metabolism) is fundamental to turning your body into a platform of health, but we've added a few more things on top of that to help in other areas.
Meat and fat metabolism
General metabolism and insulin predispositions
Neurotransmitters and hormones (coming late 2024 for those that have collected their DNA using the Somaticode kit)
Keep in mind that recommendations in these areas (from any genetic report provider like us) are based on genetic population statistics and may not be applicable to you. Please consult a health care practitioner before making any changes to diet, supplementation, medication, or lifestyle.
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Health Reports

Get the right amount of information for your genetic needs

Health Anchors

Your key Methyl Supply levels for childhood, teenage years, adulthood, and post-menopause (if applicable)
Determines if your Methyl Supply is overloaded (overmethylation), depleted (undermethylation), or balanced.
Which supplement will help you regulate your supply
Overmethylation or undermethylation based on the Methyl Scale™, and reporting on other genes like MTHFR and COMT
A 4-week gene activation plan to help you switch on the right genes in the right order
Personalized supplement, diet, and activity recommendations
Family account: get all of your family member reports in one place
Requires DNA file from Ancestry or MyHeritage (23andMe is not currently letting customers download their raw DNA)

Frequently asked questions

More of what you may be looking for.
Can you tell me what MTHFR variants I have?
We include that in the report since it's part of the calculation of the Methyl Scale™ Numbers and people have a high interest in it. However, while a lot of emphasis has been given to the MTHFR gene being the main cause for imbalance, we take a systems approach. Even though the MTHFR gene is a bottleneck gene, it's part of a system that has back ups and re-routing, and accounts for less than 10% of total methylation functioning. One variant mutation or another doesn't mean you're an undermethylator or overmethylator. (This is great news because it gives you more control.)
How long does it take to get my results?
If you're uploading a DNA file from Ancestry, 23andMe, or MyHeritage, it takes about 30 seconds to get your results. If you haven't had your DNA collected yet, you can get results in 2 weeks with our DNA kit. In contrast, Ancestry currently takes 8-10 weeks, and 23andMe have stopped letting people download their DNA files.
What's the difference between Ancestry and Somaticode's DNA kit?
Ancestry and others focus mainly on ancestry, with health being secondary. Our DNA kit covers a lot more genetic markers for health, and you'll be able to get more information as we add it to our reports (free of charge).
Can you look at specific genes not included in my report?
In the future we may add that as a service, but right now we don't. If you'd like your raw DNA file to conduct further research on your own, let us know.

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