MTR Gene Mutation

The MTR gene mutation is a less common genetic mutation that can cause imbalances in methylation. The MTR gene is responsible for recycling used SAMe, and when it is mutated, the methylation pathway can speed up and deplete resources rapidly. This depletion can lead to undermethylation, which can cause symptoms such as anxiety and depression. However, when proper support or supplementation is introduced, the system can kick-start and rapidly produce methyl donors, leading to overmethylation. This causes rapid fluctuations above and below an individual's genetic predisposition on the methylation scale. If an individual is genetically close to zero on the methylation scale, these fluctuations can lead to symptoms similar to bipolar disorder.

Thankfully, natural supplementation can be effective in reducing rapid swings. Methionine, a sulfur-based amino acid and a reactant of methylation, can help slow down the process when added in greater amounts. This helps those with the MTR mutation to stabilize closer to their methylation scale number, and further adjustments can be made to bring them closer to zero. CBD oil has also shown promise in stabilizing fluctuations in methylation, possibly by slowing down the release of dopamine. However, it is still unclear whether CBD oil affects the release of serotonin.

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