The Methyl Scale™

It can be difficult to determine your methylation level using only a few blogs detailing symptoms and a one-gene test. The Methyl Scale™ changes that. Somaticode takes a whole-system approach to methylation, which means accounting for how certain genes have backups, the age and sex (at birth) of the individual, genes that cause more methyl to be used, and many more factors.

Starting at 0, or "methyl balanced", the scale goes from -8 (undermethylation) to +8 (overmethylation). This scale has been scientifically validated to describe the exact genetic methylation level of an individual.

With the methylation baseline in hand, individuals can then use specific food, drink, supplements, medication, or activities (like exercise) to determine how much of an effect each thing will have on their baseline. Even though each item in each of these categories have an effect on methylation in a different way, a good number of them can quantified in their effect on an individual's methylation. And more research is being done to expand the list!

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