Analysis & Delivery

Integrate into your treatment approach

Provider & Patient Portals

For our practitioner-providers, you can use the Somaticode platform to run, analyze, and deliver reports to your patients. For patients that don't have had their DNA analyzed yet, you can take a saliva sample at your office using our collection kits and send it back to us for analysis.

Leverage the patient portal to share the results, recommendations, and treatment directly with patients. You can also export a summary of results to upload it into your own EHR.

Data Privacy

Stored DNA data is kept in a HIPPA-compliant system. Requests for deletion include full deletion and destruction of data and sample(s).


For application and insurance providers, understanding the likelihood of mental health issues for customers well in advance is crucial for preventative treatment. When you have genomes and the health records of your customers, running correlative studies between whole genomes and the Methyl Supply to predict mental health outcomes is now possible.

API-driven results

For health report marketplaces and platforms, we calculate the Methyl Supply for each stage of biological maturity by analyzing an individual's DNA file. The scores are delivered to you as an API response. You may also choose to include other data in the response, such as the individual's genetic predisposition for nutrient deficiencies that are foundation for healthy methylation, mood, and mental clarity.

We analyze genotyped DNA files (Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage), whole genomes, or, if your patients/customers don't have their DNA genotyped yet, results from our own lab services.

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