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Somaticode is all about what you can do today, right now, to feel better. From Supplementable, the fastest way to build a supplement regimen, to our Mood Balance report, which helps you understand why your mood is the way it is, we can help you take action right now.

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Mood Balance. Take control of your mood from day-to-day by managing your methylation level.

(Methylation is a major process in our bodies that helps us use energy from food, get rid of toxins, and control our emotions. Learn more)
  • Methylation Baseline: your exact overmethylation or undermethylation level on the Methyl Scale™
  • Food for Mood: a menu to help you take control of your mood
  • Genetic Stress: discover the symptoms and severity of genetic stress
  • MTHFR variant detection
When you use an existing DNA file from an accepted provider (Ancestry, 23andMe). Want to use a different one? Click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen and let us know.
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What's included in

Mood Balance

Methylation Level

Your methylation level affects your mood and influences the severity of mental health; it’s also important for long-term health.

Are you an overmethylator or an undermethylator? Not only do you get a definitive answer to this question, but you also get your exact methylation on the Methyl Scale™ for each stage of life. No more guessing based solely on the MTHFR gene!

With this number you can use the "Food for Mood" menu to its fullest, being able to take back control of your mood and mind every day.

An example Methylation Scale™ baseline

Food for Mood

With your baseline number in hand, you can use this specific list of foods, drinks, supplements, and activities to control your methylation level throughout the day. You'll also get a top recommendation that's easy to implement.

Screenshot of methylation adjustment menu

Genetic Stress

How much stress is your DNA putting on your body? Based on how you counteract your methylation baseline (the genetic methylation level your body resets back to), this will help you manage the stress your body is causing you, and help you determine how much it is interfering with your mood, ability to think, and how you respond to stressors.

Screenshot of methylation symptoms

MTHFR Variant Detection

Find out what variants you may have, and the effect they have on your methyl-balance.

Screenshot of the methylation variants
Get your Mood Balance (methylation profile) for $99 using your existing Ancestry or 23andMe DNA.
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A quick history of Somaticode. Somaticode has been on a mission to revolutionize personalized healthcare, wellbeing, and dieting since 2016.

Founded by Dr. James Bradshaw, a Developmental and Cell Biology expert, the company provides methylation balancing and genetic dieting guidance to help individuals optimize their overall health and well-being. Drawing from his extensive experience in genetics, anatomy, physiology, and embryology, Dr. Bradshaw has developed a unique, whole-system approach to health, focusing on the body's functions and methylation rather than just a few genes. This led to the development of the Methyl Scale™, which gives individuals a better sense of their body's methylation level from one day to the next. The idea for Somaticode stems from Dr. Bradshaw's personal journey and his success in using this approach within his own family. Today, Somaticode continues to empower individuals to take control of their health and live according to what's best for their genes.


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